Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street? Why Occupy the Federal Reserve? Advice to Protestors

Why Occupy Wall Street?  Why Occupy the Federal Reserve?
Advice to Protestors

America and Americans need Peace, Liberty and Prosperity.  We need to end the murderous wars that cost us $1.2 - $1.5 trillion a year and the only way to end the wars is to end the institution that facilitates perpetual wars and the impoverishment of the poor and middle class – the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 and it was no accident that WWI broke out in 1914.  WWII, which consumed at least 50 million lives, was funded by the Federal Reserve.  We then got the Korean War and the Vietnam War in addition to numerous smaller wars; now it’s the phony baloney War on Terror.  The Banksters make bloody fortunes off the wars.  Raw and absolute power in America has been concentrated into hands of the Banksters, the military industrial security complex and fascist special interest corporatists.  They own The RNC and DNC machines.  They own Congress.  Congress must be fired en mass.  Don’t re-elect anybody. 

Protesters of all political stripes need to understand that the Federal Reserve is the poisonous head of the deadly monster that murders for profit, concentrates wealth and power, and squashes the poor and middle class.  The Federal Reserve funds the government and its assaults on civil liberties while creating the US Prison Industrial Complex.  America has more folks in jail than any nation on earth and by a wide margin, largely because just about every human activity has been criminalized in America for Bankster and special interest profits. 

Want to end the murderous wars, the wholesale thievery (Federal Reserve), the oppression of civil liberties (Patriot Act), the Nazified Police State and the misery and suffering of the poor and middle class? 

Then Vote Ron Paul!   Want to stick it to the elites and the Banskters?  Then Vote Ron Paul! 

By the way, if you only read one book make sure that book is The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.  Only then will you understand the evil that has consumed us, for what purpose and for whose exclusive benefit.