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Why Occupy Wall Street? Why Occupy the Federal Reserve? Advice to Protestors

Why Occupy Wall Street?  Why Occupy the Federal Reserve?
Advice to Protestors

America and Americans need Peace, Liberty and Prosperity.  We need to end the murderous wars that cost us $1.2 - $1.5 trillion a year and the only way to end the wars is to end the institution that facilitates perpetual wars and the impoverishment of the poor and middle class – the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 and it was no accident that WWI broke out in 1914.  WWII, which consumed at least 50 million lives, was funded by the Federal Reserve.  We then got the Korean War and the Vietnam War in addition to numerous smaller wars; now it’s the phony baloney War on Terror.  The Banksters make bloody fortunes off the wars.  Raw and absolute power in America has been concentrated into hands of the Banksters, the military industrial security complex and fascist special interest corporatists.  They own The RNC and DNC machines.  They own Congress.  Congress must be fired en mass.  Don’t re-elect anybody. 

Protesters of all political stripes need to understand that the Federal Reserve is the poisonous head of the deadly monster that murders for profit, concentrates wealth and power, and squashes the poor and middle class.  The Federal Reserve funds the government and its assaults on civil liberties while creating the US Prison Industrial Complex.  America has more folks in jail than any nation on earth and by a wide margin, largely because just about every human activity has been criminalized in America for Bankster and special interest profits. 

Want to end the murderous wars, the wholesale thievery (Federal Reserve), the oppression of civil liberties (Patriot Act), the Nazified Police State and the misery and suffering of the poor and middle class? 

Then Vote Ron Paul!   Want to stick it to the elites and the Banskters?  Then Vote Ron Paul! 

By the way, if you only read one book make sure that book is The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.  Only then will you understand the evil that has consumed us, for what purpose and for whose exclusive benefit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Slick Rick Perry Lied in a National Debate About His $5,000 Merck Contribution

Slick Rick Perry Lied in a National Debate About His $5,000 Merck Contribution

Rick Perry debate comment "If you're saying that I can be bought for $5,000, I'm offended".

The market price of Rick Perry may not be clear but what is clear is that this career politician and crony capitalist has been bought many times by many favor seeking industries over the decades. 

When Rick Perry signed an Executive Order mandating that TX schoolgirls be inoculated with Merck’s Gardasil vaccine, all hell broke loose in TX and the TX Legislature was forced to pass legislation overturning Perry’s EO.  How much was Rick Perry paid for this EO?  It’s a valid question. 

The Washington Post reports in an article titled “
Rick Perry and HPV vaccine-maker have deep financial ties”:

“His gubernatorial campaigns, for example, have received nearly $30,000 from the drugmaker since 2000, most of that before he issued his vaccine mandate, which was overturned by the Texas legislature. reported that Perry’s single largest campaign contributor is the Republican Governors Association (RGA) who gave Rick Perry’s campaign $4 million dollars over the last 5 years.

The biggest political donor to Texas Gov. Rick Perry during his 11-year tenure has not been one of the state's oil barons or cattle ranchers, but a Washington-based organization into which Perry helped funnel millions of dollars.

The Republican Governors Association - which Perry chaired twice - gave him $4 million in the last five years, making it the largest single source of the $102.8 million he has raised since 2001.”

What is the Republican Governors Association?  It’s a Republican money laundering operation where corporate special interests donate huge sums of money to campaigns outside of political money disclosure channels in the hope that nobody will notice. 

It has been disclosed that Merck contributed $500,000 to the RGA according to  Also, Rick Perry has served as Chairman of the RGA.   As is typical of the revolving door between big corrupt business and corrupt government, Rick Perry’s close personal friend and former Chief of Staff Mike Toomey became a lobbyist for Merck and the Washington Post reports: 

“One of Perry’s closest confidantes, his former chief of staff Mike Toomey, was then working as an Austin-based lobbyist for Merck, which was in the midst of a multimillion-dollar campaign to persuade states to make the vaccine mandatory.

So let’s recap:  Perry claims he only got $5,000 from Merck when he fact it’s documented that he got $30,000 in direct political contributions and much more through the RGA.  Moreover, his largest single contributor is the RGA who gave Rick Perry’s campaign $4,000,000 and Merck contributed $500,000 to the RGA. 

The RGA itself has been under fire for its campaign fundraising activities and a TX court ruled that its fundraising constituted illegal campaign contributions.  The Houston Chronicle reports:

In 2006, Perry's $1 million contribution from the RGA sparked a lawsuit from Democratic challenger Chris Bell, who claimed the last-minute cash infusion violated state ethics laws because the RGA had not registered as a political committee in Texas. The Perry campaign settled the lawsuit with Bell, but the RGA is appealing a court verdict awarding the Democrat $2 million in damages.

Michigan PAC sent funds
The RGA did not register as a political committee in Texas in 2010, according to the Texas Ethics Commission website. Instead, it funneled its $3 million donation to Perry through its Michigan political action committee.

Washington, D.C.-based attorney Glenn Willard, a former Federal Elections Commission lawyer who advises candidates, political committees, corporations and nonprofit organizations on how to navigate campaign finance regulations, said state laws could, in theory, be used to limit or prohibit officeholders' fundraising activities on behalf of nonprofit political groups that contribute to state campaigns, but he said the specific language would determine whether any ban could be enforced.

The real bottom line is that there is a ton of dirty special interest money sloshing around the political cesspool and politicians will outright lie in an attempt to hide what specific corporate interests have bought and paid for their influence and power.  That’s the real story here – it’s all that secret back channel money that eventually percolates to the top of the fundraising cesspool.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Texas SBOE Erred: Why Jefferson is Important in World History

The Texas SBOE Erred:  Why Jefferson is Important in World History

The fiasco over some TX SBOE decisions, including the alleged deletion of Thomas Jefferson from the world history curriculum, has garnered national attention by the left, the right and everybody in between.    To be sure, it’s become a hot issue in the media and the blogosphere largely because the exclusion of Jefferson as a significant world philosopher has upset folks on the left as well as the right.   But to be perfectly clear neither the left nor the right exhibits much respect for our founding principles as both Republicans and Democrats have consistently trampled the notion of small constitutional governance.    Today, a vicious and vile statism has seized absolutist powers over a nation once cloaked in liberty.   Accordingly, neither Republicans nor Democrats have any credibility whatsoever on the issue.  But this is about Thomas Jefferson and not how the freest and most prosperous folks ever to grace human universe ended up making history for also being perhaps the first people in all of human history to actually vote away their liberty and worship the Golden Calf known as government.

Jefferson is indeed an important figure in world history for several reasons, starting with his fervent belief that: 

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men are created, equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

These immortal words are among the most recognized phrases in the human lexicon – they are eternal, they are uttered internationally by peoples everywhere and they have become the battle cry for humans seeking to shed totalitarian slavery.  Jefferson, as well as other American founding fathers, was a pioneer in the theory that we have natural rights that emanate from God and that no ruler or person(s) can usurp these God given “natural” rights.  To do so does in fact constitute tyranny and oppression.

The American Revolution was a cataclysmic historical event that reverberated around the world and those who made it happen are indeed worthy of recognition.  The only goal of American Revolutionaries was to devise a form of government that was the least susceptible to abuse of government power.  It’s why America is a Republic that was supposed to have a Federal government with severely limited powers.

To excise Jefferson as an important and influential figure in world history is insane.  His famous words have been echoed around the globe as a message to other folks that human liberty is indeed possible because it’s a natural God given right that should never subservient to the whims of rulers/kings or even theocrats for that matter.    To be a citizen with recognized rights versus a mere subject with limited rights was a milestone in human history and to a large extent, Jefferson was a driving force behind the foundation of our constitutional liberties as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and later codified into law by the Constitution that enshrined the principles of our Republic.

So precisely what has so many folks upset with the SBOE?

According to the Austin American Statesman “PolitFact”, SBOE member Cynthia Dunbar: 

“made a motion at the board's March 11 meeting to change the proposed standard, substituting "writings" for "Enlightenment ideas" and removing Jefferson from the suggested list. In Jefferson's place, she added Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and Sir William Blackstone — respectively, a Roman Catholic priest and saint; a Protestant theologian; and an English jurist who wrote that the doctrines of common law are based on God's word.

Dunbar, defending the amendment, said: "It does take out (the) reference to Thomas Jefferson. But the reason is not that I don't think his ideas were important. It's just that this is a list of political philosophers from which the Founding Fathers based their ideologies and their principles."

That a Catholic priest, a Protestant theologian and an English jurist, who believed that laws are based on God’s word, are now the defining characteristics of “enlightenment ideas” (a term expunged by Dunbar and replaced with “writings”) is indeed a gross mischaracterization.  What right has Dunbar to assume that Aquinas, Calvin and Blackstone were in fact the primary philosophical influences of our founders?

  Apparently, the term “enlightenment” is disturbing to many SBOE members because it holds the potential to invoke secularism.    As a Catholic who has her own issues with the Catholic Church, I view enlightenment as the shedding of absolutist papal theocratic rule and the healthy emergence of various Protestant sects that were enormously vitalizing and purifying to Christianity.

But by far the biggest issue with the SBOE and the issue that I believe has greatly upset observers is its rather overt suggestion that theocracy is preferable to secularism.   As one who is knowledgeable of the historic ravages of theocracy within the Catholic Church and its barbaric inquisitions, I am convinced that secular laws are far preferable to theocratic laws.  However, secularism itself doesn’t necessarily imply the absence of God but it merely infers that no mans theology shall ever be forcibly imposed on another.   In Texas we have the infamous Larry Kilgore whose website used to include Old Testament laws that would be imposed if he was elected.  Kilgore called for the death penalty for adultery and homosexuality.   To advocate for Biblical law is indeed dangerous as well as offensive to Americans of all political and religious stripes.

I submit that many Americans greatly fear the potential of imposing Biblical law and that they also believe that some would do it in a heartbeat if they had such powers.   By marginalizing the importance of secular civil and criminal laws upon Western Civilization, is it possible that the Texas SBOE is openly advocating for Biblical law?  It’s a valid question as well as a valid concern.

It has been said that John Calvin “preached the doctrine of absolute obedience and nonresistance to duly constituted government, regardless of how that government might be”.  Of course, this fully endorses Romans 13, one of the most debated verses in the Bible because it mandates “let every soul be subject to the sovereign authorities.  For there is no power which is not from God; and those who are in authority are ordained by God”.  Is the Texas SBOE interjecting John Calvin as a worthy world philosopher because of his stern warning that civil powers emanate from God?  More to the point, if this were 1776 I submit that Republicans would be loyalists and not the wondrous Revolutionaries who directly violated Romans 13 as well as the John Calvin doctrine of absolute obedience to the almighty state and its rulers.

But ultimately, it was reactionary Calvinists themselves who rejected rigid Calvinist doctrine and these are some of the folks who fled Europe and its religious oppression to settle in America.  It’s certainly no mere coincidence that they opted for religious freedom and forged a more secular system of law and justice to avoid the horrors of religiously induced genocide, oppression and theocracy.   Protestants earned their title because they “protested” against injustice and were willing to wage revolutions against government and theological tyranny.  It is precisely this defiance of autocratic rule that defines the folks who came to codify the meaning of “natural God given right” into a system of governance.

In the interest of practical reality most folks have heard of Thomas Jefferson but few have heard of Aquinas, Calvin and Blackstone.   To assert that philosophically they are more important than Jefferson is worse than a stretch, it could be construed as theological indoctrination.   Granted, Aquinas, Calvin and Blackstone are enormously important figures if one is a serious student of theology but to teach that they are the critical philosophers behind the creation of America is simply not accurate because America was birthed by revolutionaries, reactionaries and even theological dissidents.   Of course, the most radical revolutionary ever to exist was Jesus.

Finally, I believe that the TX SBOE needs extricate itself from this volatile issue and just agree to keep Thomas Jefferson in the world history curriculum.  Otherwise, the ability of true constitutional conservatives to get elected to the SBOE will be impaired and education in Texas will suffer as the battle is focused solely on religious/theological issues.  Such an absurdity is non-productive, viscerally alienating and does nothing to improve education in Texas.

The growth of government power and absolute statism under Republicans is a profound moral flaw of the modern day Republican Party – a party that is vastly alienated from the vision of our founding fathers and a party that routinely tramples the Constitution and our founding principles.  In summary, I would like to add that it’s OKAY to admit you erred but it’s not OKAY to sheath yourself in arrogance to defend that which cannot be defended historically, morally, philosophically or theologically.

Finally, the TX SBOE just didn’t excise Jefferson from the curriculum.  They literally became historical revisionists on many other highly relevant issues including “Students will learn about the contributions of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority…

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where did our Jobs Go? Liberals get Snared in their Own Social Engineering Traps and Whine about Low Wage Jobs

Where did our Jobs Go? Liberals get Snared in their Own Social Engineering Traps and Whine about Low Wage Jobs

Liberals are consumed with engineering perfect human societies.   They aren’t known for advocating for peace, liberty and prosperity.  So when the Huffington Post did a bleeding heart liberal piece on the plight of hotel/hospitality workers, I had to take notice because I had researched the topic myself.  In a piece titled “As Hotels Outsource Jobs, Workers Lose Hold On Living Wage” Dave Jamieson rants on and on about the miserable life of hotel maids who toil with reduced wages and benefit. 

“The jobs don't go offshore to India -- they go to little-seen labor agencies that provide hotel chains like Hyatt and Marriott with large pools of bottom-rung workers, who are often Latino. As some hotels increasingly rely on these middlemen agencies, the economic effects for blue-collar workers are significant. Wages tend to be lower, and employees often end up working full-time without health insurance, vacation or sick days. Although they're considered temps, they sometimes work at the same hotel for years on end.  Source:

Jamieson gets it right so far – wages are declining and hospitality workers are being replaced with lower cost labor.  Why?

Just ask Lucine Williams.  A article titled “A hard ending for housekeepers, Uncommon outsourcing eliminates 100 Hyatt jobs” with a gut wrenching photo of an African American woman who worked as a housekeeper for the Hyatt.  The face lined with pain and hopelessness has a name, Lucine Williams, and she worked as a housekeeper for Hyatt for 22 years and earned $15.32 an hour, plus health insurance, which translates to a weekly paycheck of $612.80  or $31,865 a year. 

The Hyatt fired 100 housekeepers and outsourced the job to a Georgia company called Hospitality Staffing Solutions.   Lucine and 99 other fired housekeepers who worked at 3 Hyatt Boston area hotels were asked, prior to their firings, to train staff who would be used to fill in for vacation.  After they trained their replacements only then were the housekeepers told that they were fired.  Their replacements will be earning $8 an hour with no benefits.  Those $8 an hour folks will probably be on Medicaid and other forms of welfare.  It’s probably also true that they are legal and/or illegal immigrants.  But these days, who knows?  They could be any number of desperate Americans desperately scrounging for work to feed their families.
It just so happens that the now infamous Massachusetts healthcare reform, dubbed Romneycare, has resulted in the highest healthcare costs in the nation at $13,788 per average family, up 40% since 2003 but that was before the passage of Obamacare which will further drive healthcare costs out of the stratosphere.   Could it be that outrageous healthcare plans mandated by the Massachusetts Legislature contributed to the Hyatt’s decision?  

Assuming that Lucine Williams worked 40 hours a week, her annual salary of $31,865 was actually a labor cost of $31,865 plus the cost of the annual insurance premium of $13,788 which brings her actual labor cost to $45,654 (plus retirement benefits).  By firing Lucine Williams and 99 others, the Hyatt just reduced its per employee labor cost from $45,654 per year to $16,640 with the taxpayers picking up the tab for the social costs of the $8 an hour folks.
Effectively, Hyatt didn’t just reduce its labor costs, Hyatt transferred the social costs to the taxpayers and used cheap third world labor and slave wages to reduce its labor costs.  It’s how America operates these days. 
Lucine Williams is just one of the pain lined and hopeless faces of millions upon millions of Americans of all races but mostly Caucasian and African Americans who have been shafted by the deliberate importation of cheap third world labor.
The website of Hospitality Staffing Solutions states:
Hospitality Staffing Solutions of Georgia specializes in providing service personnel to the hotel industry and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with four regional locations. We currently have over 4500 associates working in major hotels in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Biloxi, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Denver, Detroit, Green Bay, Ft. Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lexington, Louisville, Miami, Milwaukee, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, St. Louis, Tampa, Tucson, and Washington D.C.. Additional markets are being developed constantly. HSS provides associates to high-end, full-service hotels, convention and airport properties. Some of our current Hotel Partners include: Hyatt, Intercontinental, Marriott, MGM, Starwood, and White Lodging.

While Americans of African American, Caucasian and even Hispanic descent are witnessing horrific job losses and massive declines in wages, many of the immigrants are horribly exploited by ruthless operators.
An attorney with Greater Boston Legal Service is representing the workers.
Eight individual complaints have been filed since last year against Capital Cleaning Contractors, a national cleaning company; Hospitality Staffing Solutions, based in Virginia, and Boston Office Cleaning, Inc., and Capital New England Hospitality, Inc., the latter two owned by Brazilians and Massachusetts-based subcontractors with Capital Cleaning Contractors.
"The subcontractors have terrified people who dared to pursue their wage payments."
A Brazilian woman who worked for a subcontractor can attest to that. The woman, who is illegally in the country, doesn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation from her former employer. She was hired to clean hotel rooms in Cambridge for $8 an hour and was paid four of the six months she worked for a Brazilian man who ran one of the subcontracting companies.
"When I complained, he told me I'd better keep quiet because I didn't have documents," said the woman. "He was exploiting us, making us work and not paying us. It was like we were his slaves."
Welcome to the new America – no longer the land of the free but the land of the exploited - an America where human slavery is quietly and not so quietly being implemented under the approving eyes of a shameless Congress.   But what the heck, since it’s no longer African American slavery and encompasses Caucasian slaves, Hispanic slaves and slaves from other ethnic nooks and crannies of the planet, America the cesspool of the chronically downtrodden and impoverished is now heralded as a multi-cultural paradise complete with social justice.   That’s what the politicians tell us when we go to vote. 
No wonder everybody is angry at somebody.  But those who created the quagmire of human misery are laughing all the way to the bank and/or getting re-elected election after election. 
America is now freaking horror of a vanishing middle class.
But I can’t stop thinking about Lucine Williams and the only vision that comes to my mind is one of Nancy Pelosi’s stiletto high heels pinning her down on the ground and grinding it into her face saying “thanks for voting for the Democrats nigger.  By the way I support bringing in more third world folks so uppity niggers like you stay down on the plantation where you’ve always belonged but I’ll toss you a few crumbs as I sip vintage Champagne and eat caviar in my big taxpayer funded jet and stretch limos and if you complain, my gargantuan carbon footprint will be imprinted on your fat ass ”.   

Liberals lobbied hard for open borders and expanded entitlements.  They got their socialist paradise even if it is a living hell for everybody, citizens and immigrants alike.   The vanishing American middle class is very much a victim of progressivism and the Democrats, as well as their Republican co-conspirators who helped to utterly destroy the most prosperous middle class in all of human history.

The once world famous manufacturing legend known as America has been off-shored, downsized, outsourced and permanently eradicated, courtesy of Republicans and Democrats.  About the only jobs left are miserable low wage jobs. 

Who ate our good paying jobs and American manufacturing industries?  The regulatory state and the welfare-warfare state have destroyed the American middle class and American manufacturing.  Fedzilla is now a deadly monster that is consuming everything in its path.  Democrats just want a bigger and more carnivorous Fedzilla monster while the Republicans want to make love to Fedzilla in the hope that it doesn’t eat them.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Open Letter to Jim DeMint and the Folks of South Carolina on Rick Perry

The Honorable James DeMint
United States Senate
167 Russell

Washington, DC 20510
Subject:  Rick Perry is the Reincarnation of George W. Bush
Dear Senator DeMint:

If you and the folks of South Carolina endorse Rick Perry, it will be a severe blow to the cause of liberty.  As a Texan, I can assure you that Rick Perry record in Texas is atrocious – big spending, mountains of debt and increased taxes/fees on everything. 

Let’s start with the fact that Rick Perry wrote a letter endorsing the Bankster Bailout just before Congress approved this horrific piece of legislation.  Effectively, Rick Perry endorsed giving the Federal Reserve the power to create unlimited money out of thin air to bailout banks and governments, foreign and domestic.  We now know that Federal Reserve bailouts totaled at least $16 trillion dollars. 

What small government and fiscal conservative advocate in their right mind would want to send this Democratic “former Al Gore 1988 TX Campaign Manager” turned Republican in an elephant suit to the White House?  

US Sovereignty
 American can’t solve any of our problems without our constitutional sovereignty.  Rick Perry is a bought and paid for globalist and Bilderberg attendee who supports the United Nations, globalism, NAFTA/CAFTA, the Trans Texas Corridor (dubbed Rick Perry $84 billion dollar boondoggle) and the wipeout of the American middle class.

Rick Perry is Anti-Property Rights
 and as governor vetoed a strong 2007 property protection, anti-eminent domain bill that would have made it illegal in Texas to seize private property for private gain.  Rick Perry totally endorses abusive government eminent domain powers.
Rick Perry is Anti-Parental Rights and he authorized the seizure of 438 children and babies from their mothers at the FDLS El Dorado compound.  The Texas Supreme Court declared the raid and kidnapping unconstitutional and ordered the children released.  The children were healthy and had not been abused.  Rick Perry is a huge supporter of draconian Child Protective Services powers and believes that children are the property of the State of Texas.  

Rick Perry signed an Executive Order mandating that Texas schoolgirls be forcibly inoculated with the dangerous HPV Gardisil vaccine. 
Perry’s then Chief of Staff Mike Toomey was a Merck lobbyist and Perry also received campaign contributions from Merck for his executive order.  The Texas Legislature had to pass a law overturning Perry’s EO. 

Rick Perry is anti free speech and 1st Amendment He signed into law a Texas hate crime statute that criminalizes free speech and free thought.  You can be criminally prosecuted in Texas for what you say or think.  

Rick Perry supports the federal and United Nations takeover of education
and endorsed Ted Kennedy’s No Child Left Behind bill. 
 Perry has always been a huge supporter of the federal Department of Education and even implemented the collectivist United Nation’s UNESCO education programs throughout Texas schools. 

Rick Perry helped weaken the powers of the elected Texas State Board of Educating by gerrymandering elected conservatives out of office
 Rick Perry totally supports the Trotskyite collectivist takeover of the Texas education system.

Rick Perry supports Police State USA and endorsed sobriety checkpoints throughout Texas (Perry supported SB 298 in 2009).  Perry also supports the federal takeover of local law enforcement by endorsing the Federal government’s fusion centers that merge local police departments with the federal militarized police state.  

Rick Perry supported and signed the Business Margins Tax
 but sold lucrative exemptions to his big corporatist campaign contributors.  All businesses pay the tax except for Rick Perry’s pals.

Rick Perry is a solid corporatist fascist
 who has doled out billions of tax dollars to politically connected insiders and corporate campaign contributors.  Rick Perry’s tax dollar filled slush funds for his corporate welfare pals are infested with numerous scandals and his corporate welfare game is to issue bonds for billions, give the money to his friends and tax Texans to pay the bond debt. 
Rick Perry has engineered public private partnerships (PPP) for Texas roads and highways.  A PPP is privatized profits at public expense.  Perry has allowed TXDOT to squander gas tax receipts and the TX Legislature typically raids our gas taxes of at least $10 billion per legislative session and spends the money on other things.  TXDOT screams “we are broke” and Perry supports giving lucrative toll road monopolies to foreign toll road operators who fill his campaign coffers.    Texas taxpayers are on the hook for bond payments as well as extraordinarily high cost monopolistic road tolls.  Rick Perry is desperate to give taxpayer paid infrastructure to private corporations while raping TX taxpayers for the bond debt.  

Rick Perry has infuriated civil libertarians by executing a possibly innocent man whose conviction was based on flawed evidence. 
 Cameron Todd Willingham was executed when Perry refused a stay of execution to evaluate the faulty evidence that so disturbed the Texas Forensic Science Commission that they ordered an investigation.  But Perry intervened and replaced 3 of the members with his pals who would rule that the evidence wasn’t faulty.  Executing a person is a very serious act and those facing execution shouldn’t be executed casually and without significant due process to prove guilt or innocence.  But quick draw Perry loves quick executions regardless of guilt or innocence. 

Rick Perry could be a walking Weiner-gate based on rumors of marital infidelity that have been flying around Texas for years.  Does the GOP really need a Weiner-gate in the middle of a presidential election? 

Also, Rick Perry has a serious theocratic problem and has aligned himself with the most radical Evangelicals and their rabid preachers.  As a Catholic, I find it extremely offensive when Perry’s preachers call the Pope the anti-Christ and the Whore of Babylon.   Rick Perry stands no chance of winning over the diverse constituencies that exist within the GOP base (Libertarians, Catholics, independents, fiscal conservatives, constitutionalists etc). 

Finally, I will speak the unspeakable.  Unless the GOP is willing to take foreign policy out of the closet and put it on the table for a serious debate in the context of what constitutes legitimate national defense needs vs. endless foreign interventions, I am convinced the GOP is headed straight to the trash heap of history.  Moreover, anybody can clear grasp that the US military is morphing into the UN’s global military. 


Judy Morris
Constitutional Political Activist
Round Rock, TX 78665

Note:  I no longer vote Republican because I’m sick of big government, endless wars, socialism, chronic assaults on civil liberties and crony capitalism.  I want Fedzilla booted back to its constitutional limitations and a massive shrinkage of power in the District of Crime.  Republican “Government Gone Wild” is just as immoral and offensive as Democratic “Government Gone Wild”.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

2012 GOP Primary Schedule and 2008 GOP Primary Results by State

2012 GOP Primary Schedule
2008 GOP Primary Results

The 2012 Republican Primary dates are tentative and subject to change. The total number of 2008 state delegates is listed and include the breakdown between pledged (P) or Unpledged (U). 2008 primary results are in red.

Where Ron Paul got double digits in 2008:  ID 24, WA 22, ME 18, AK 17, SD 17, MN 16, PA 16, OR 15, NE 14, NV 14, NM 14, KS 11, IA 10 (highlighted in yellow)  A caucus rather than a primary favors Ron Paul.

Saturday, January 7 County Conventions.  Friday May 25 Conventions Wyoming

Romney 67, Thompson 25, Hunter 1

Wyoming is very hostile to Ron Paul.  Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Paul, Tancredo all got 0.  Because Thompson was hot early on, he got some delegates.  If Paulites don’t dominate those early Wyoming county conventions, they won’t have the delegates to send to the 5/25 convention.

Monday, January 16, 2012: Iowa caucuses
Huckabee 34, Romney 25, Thompson 13, McCain 13, Paul 10, Giuliani 3.5 (40 U delegates)

Tuesday, January 24: New Hampshire

McCain 37, Romney 32, Huckabee 11, Giuliani 9, Paul 9, Thompson 1.2 (12 P delegates)

Saturday, January 28: Nevada caucuses, South Carolina

NV Romney 51%, Paul 14%, McCain 13%, Huckabee 8%, Thompson 8, Giuliani 4.3
(34 Unpledged Delegates)

SC McCain 33, Huckabee 30, Thompson 16, Romney 15, Paul 4, Giuliani 2
(24 P delegates)

Tuesday, January 31: Florida

McCain 36, Romney 31, Giuliani 15, Huckabee 14, Paul 3, Thompson 1.2 (57 P delegates)

Friday February 3 -5  Maine

Romney 52, McCain 21, Paul 18, Huckabee 6 (21 unpledged delegates)

Tuesday, February 7 (Super Tuesday): Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Montana Republican caucuses, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah

AL Huckabee 41, McCain 37, Romney 18, Paul 3 (48 delegates, 45 P, 3 U)

AK Romney 44, Huckabee 22, Paul 17 (29 delegates, 26 P, 3 U)

AR Huckabee 60, McCain 20, Romney 14, Paul 5 (34 delegates, 31 P, 3 U)

CA McCain 42, Romney 36, Giuliani 4, Paul 4, Thompson 2 (173 delegates, 170 P, 3 U)
CT McCain 52, Romney 33, Huckabee 7, Paul 4, Giuliani 2 (30 delegates, 27 P, 3 U)

DE McCain 45, Romney 33, Huckabee 15, Paul 4, Giuliani 3 (18 P delegates)
GA Huckabee 34, McCain 32, Romney 30, Paul 3 (72 P delegates)

IL McCain 48, Romney 29, Huckabee 17, Paul 5, Giuliani 1 (70 delegates, 57 P, 13 U)

MO McCain 33, Huckabee 32, Romney 29, Paul 5  (58 pledged delegates)

MT Romney 38, Paul 24, McCain 22, Huckabee 15 (25 pledged delegates)

NJ McCain 55, Romney 28, Huckabee 8, Paul 5, Giuliani 3 (52 pledged delegates)
NY McCain 52, Romney 28, Huckabee 11, Paul 6, Giuliani 4 (101 delegates, 87 P, 14 U)
ND Romney 36, McCain 23, Paul 21, Huckabee 20 (26 pledged delegates)

OK McCain 37, Huckabee 33, Romney 25, Paul 3 (41 delegates, 41 P, 3 U)

TN Huckabee 35, McCain 32, Romney 24, Paul 6, Thompson 3 (55 delegates 52 P, 3 U)

UT Romney 90, McCain 5, Paul 3 (36 pledged delegates)

Saturday, February 11: Louisiana, Kansas

LA Huckabee 43, McCain 42, Romney 6, Paul 5, Thompson/Giuliani 1 (3 unpledged delegates)

KS  Huckabee 60, McCain 24, Paul 11, Romney 3.3 (3 pledged delegates)

Tuesday, February 14: Maryland

MD McCain 55, Huckabee 29, Romney 7, Paul 6, Giuliani 1 (37 pledged delegates)
Tuesday, February 21: Hawaii Republican caucuses, Wisconsin

HI McCain 66, Romney 17, Huckabee 15 (20 delegates, 17 P, 3 U)

WI McCain 55, Huckabee 37, Paul 5, Romney 2 (40 pledged delegates)

Tuesday, February 28: Arizona, Michigan

AZ McCain 47, Romney 35, Huckabee 9, Paul 4, Giuliani 3 (53 pledged delegates)

MI Romney 39, McCain 30, Huckabee 16, Paul 6, Thompson 4, Giuliani 3 (30 pledged delegates)

Tuesday, March 6: Minnesota caucuses, Massachusetts, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia

MN Romney 41, McCain 22, Huckabee 20, Paul 16 (41 unpledged delegates)

MA Romney, McCain 41, Huckabee 4, Paul 3 (43 delegates, 40 P, 3 U)

OH McCain 60, Huckabee 31, Paul 5, Romney 3, Thompson 2 (88 delegates, 84 P, 3 U)

RI McCain 65, Huckabee 22, Paul 7, Romney 4 (20 delegates, 17 P, 3 U)

TX McCain 51, Huckabee 39, Paul 5, Romney 2 (140 delegates, 137 P, 3 U)

VT McCain 72, Huckabee 14, Paul 7, Romney 5, Giuliani 2 (17 pledged delegates)

VA McCain 50, Huckabee 41, Paul 5, Romney 4 (63 delegates, 60 P, 3 U)

Tuesday, March 13: Mississippi

McCain 79, Huckabee 13, Paul 4, Romney/Thompson 1.5 ea (39, 36 P, 3 U)

Tuesday, March 20: Colorado caucuses, Illinois

CO Romney 60, McCain 18, Huckabee 13, Paul 8 (46 unpledged delegates)

IL – 2008 Illinois primary on Super Tuesday 2/7

Saturday,March 24 Washington County Conventions

McCain 26, Muckabee 24, Paul 22, Romney 15

Tuesday, April 24: Pennsylvania

McCain 73, Paul 16, Huckabee 11 (74 unpledged delegates)

Tuesday, May 8: Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia

IN McCain 78, Huckabee 10, Paul 8, Romney 5 (57 delegates, 27 P, 30 U)

NC McCain 74, Huckabee 12, Paul 8, Keyes 3 (69 delegates, 66 P, 3 U)

WVA McCain 75, Huckabee 10, Paul 5, Romney 4, Giuliani 2 (30 delegates, 27 P, 3 U)

Tuesday, May 15: Nebraska, Oregon

NE McCain 87, Paul 14  (24 delegates, 21 P, 3 U)

OR McCain 85, Paul 15 (30 delegates, 27 P, 3 U)

Tuesday, May 22: Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky

AR 2008 Arkansas primary on Super Tuesday 2/7

ID McCain 70, Paul 24 (32 delegates, 23 P, 9 U)

KY McCain 72, Huckabee 8, Paul 7, Romney 5 (45 delegates, 42 P, 3 U)

Tuesday, June 5: Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota

MT: 2008 Montana primary on Super Tuesday 2/7

NM McCain 86, Paul 14 (32 delegates, 29 P, 3 U)

SD McCain 70, Paul 17, Huckabee 7 (27 delegates, 14 P, 3 U)

Source: unless information was missing and then I Googled.  Most non NYT information came from

More information on the 2012 Republican Primary schedule and the changes which will happen to the 2012 schedule:
KANSAS CITY, MO. — The Republican National Committee adopted a new schedule for the 2012 presidential primaries Friday, agreeing to a plan worked out in concert with Democrats and designed to delay the start of the campaign season.
The proposal, drafted by a special RNC panel, gained approval from more than the necessary two-thirds of the committee's 168 members.
Party leaders hailed the vote as a historic change in the presidential selection process, one that would avoid the development of a single national primary in which states choose to hold their nominating contests on the same day.
The new schedule is designed to make it difficult for a candidate to rack up an insurmountable number of delegates early in the process, forcing candidates to campaign across the country.
Under the new schedule, no state would hold a primary or caucus before the first Tuesday in February 2012, in attempt to avoid a repetition of 2008, when the Iowa caucuses were held Jan. 3.
Iowa and New Hampshire would retain their status as the nation's first contests, held in February, joined by South Carolina and Nevada.
Other contests would generally be held in April or later, although states would have the option of holding votes in March, provided convention delegates chosen at those elections were awarded to candidates in proportion to the percentage of the vote they received, rather than in a winner-take-all system.