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Where did our Jobs Go? Liberals get Snared in their Own Social Engineering Traps and Whine about Low Wage Jobs

Where did our Jobs Go? Liberals get Snared in their Own Social Engineering Traps and Whine about Low Wage Jobs

Liberals are consumed with engineering perfect human societies.   They aren’t known for advocating for peace, liberty and prosperity.  So when the Huffington Post did a bleeding heart liberal piece on the plight of hotel/hospitality workers, I had to take notice because I had researched the topic myself.  In a piece titled “As Hotels Outsource Jobs, Workers Lose Hold On Living Wage” Dave Jamieson rants on and on about the miserable life of hotel maids who toil with reduced wages and benefit. 

“The jobs don't go offshore to India -- they go to little-seen labor agencies that provide hotel chains like Hyatt and Marriott with large pools of bottom-rung workers, who are often Latino. As some hotels increasingly rely on these middlemen agencies, the economic effects for blue-collar workers are significant. Wages tend to be lower, and employees often end up working full-time without health insurance, vacation or sick days. Although they're considered temps, they sometimes work at the same hotel for years on end.  Source:

Jamieson gets it right so far – wages are declining and hospitality workers are being replaced with lower cost labor.  Why?

Just ask Lucine Williams.  A article titled “A hard ending for housekeepers, Uncommon outsourcing eliminates 100 Hyatt jobs” with a gut wrenching photo of an African American woman who worked as a housekeeper for the Hyatt.  The face lined with pain and hopelessness has a name, Lucine Williams, and she worked as a housekeeper for Hyatt for 22 years and earned $15.32 an hour, plus health insurance, which translates to a weekly paycheck of $612.80  or $31,865 a year. 

The Hyatt fired 100 housekeepers and outsourced the job to a Georgia company called Hospitality Staffing Solutions.   Lucine and 99 other fired housekeepers who worked at 3 Hyatt Boston area hotels were asked, prior to their firings, to train staff who would be used to fill in for vacation.  After they trained their replacements only then were the housekeepers told that they were fired.  Their replacements will be earning $8 an hour with no benefits.  Those $8 an hour folks will probably be on Medicaid and other forms of welfare.  It’s probably also true that they are legal and/or illegal immigrants.  But these days, who knows?  They could be any number of desperate Americans desperately scrounging for work to feed their families.
It just so happens that the now infamous Massachusetts healthcare reform, dubbed Romneycare, has resulted in the highest healthcare costs in the nation at $13,788 per average family, up 40% since 2003 but that was before the passage of Obamacare which will further drive healthcare costs out of the stratosphere.   Could it be that outrageous healthcare plans mandated by the Massachusetts Legislature contributed to the Hyatt’s decision?  

Assuming that Lucine Williams worked 40 hours a week, her annual salary of $31,865 was actually a labor cost of $31,865 plus the cost of the annual insurance premium of $13,788 which brings her actual labor cost to $45,654 (plus retirement benefits).  By firing Lucine Williams and 99 others, the Hyatt just reduced its per employee labor cost from $45,654 per year to $16,640 with the taxpayers picking up the tab for the social costs of the $8 an hour folks.
Effectively, Hyatt didn’t just reduce its labor costs, Hyatt transferred the social costs to the taxpayers and used cheap third world labor and slave wages to reduce its labor costs.  It’s how America operates these days. 
Lucine Williams is just one of the pain lined and hopeless faces of millions upon millions of Americans of all races but mostly Caucasian and African Americans who have been shafted by the deliberate importation of cheap third world labor.
The website of Hospitality Staffing Solutions states:
Hospitality Staffing Solutions of Georgia specializes in providing service personnel to the hotel industry and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with four regional locations. We currently have over 4500 associates working in major hotels in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Biloxi, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Denver, Detroit, Green Bay, Ft. Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lexington, Louisville, Miami, Milwaukee, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, St. Louis, Tampa, Tucson, and Washington D.C.. Additional markets are being developed constantly. HSS provides associates to high-end, full-service hotels, convention and airport properties. Some of our current Hotel Partners include: Hyatt, Intercontinental, Marriott, MGM, Starwood, and White Lodging.

While Americans of African American, Caucasian and even Hispanic descent are witnessing horrific job losses and massive declines in wages, many of the immigrants are horribly exploited by ruthless operators.
An attorney with Greater Boston Legal Service is representing the workers.
Eight individual complaints have been filed since last year against Capital Cleaning Contractors, a national cleaning company; Hospitality Staffing Solutions, based in Virginia, and Boston Office Cleaning, Inc., and Capital New England Hospitality, Inc., the latter two owned by Brazilians and Massachusetts-based subcontractors with Capital Cleaning Contractors.
"The subcontractors have terrified people who dared to pursue their wage payments."
A Brazilian woman who worked for a subcontractor can attest to that. The woman, who is illegally in the country, doesn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation from her former employer. She was hired to clean hotel rooms in Cambridge for $8 an hour and was paid four of the six months she worked for a Brazilian man who ran one of the subcontracting companies.
"When I complained, he told me I'd better keep quiet because I didn't have documents," said the woman. "He was exploiting us, making us work and not paying us. It was like we were his slaves."
Welcome to the new America – no longer the land of the free but the land of the exploited - an America where human slavery is quietly and not so quietly being implemented under the approving eyes of a shameless Congress.   But what the heck, since it’s no longer African American slavery and encompasses Caucasian slaves, Hispanic slaves and slaves from other ethnic nooks and crannies of the planet, America the cesspool of the chronically downtrodden and impoverished is now heralded as a multi-cultural paradise complete with social justice.   That’s what the politicians tell us when we go to vote. 
No wonder everybody is angry at somebody.  But those who created the quagmire of human misery are laughing all the way to the bank and/or getting re-elected election after election. 
America is now freaking horror of a vanishing middle class.
But I can’t stop thinking about Lucine Williams and the only vision that comes to my mind is one of Nancy Pelosi’s stiletto high heels pinning her down on the ground and grinding it into her face saying “thanks for voting for the Democrats nigger.  By the way I support bringing in more third world folks so uppity niggers like you stay down on the plantation where you’ve always belonged but I’ll toss you a few crumbs as I sip vintage Champagne and eat caviar in my big taxpayer funded jet and stretch limos and if you complain, my gargantuan carbon footprint will be imprinted on your fat ass ”.   

Liberals lobbied hard for open borders and expanded entitlements.  They got their socialist paradise even if it is a living hell for everybody, citizens and immigrants alike.   The vanishing American middle class is very much a victim of progressivism and the Democrats, as well as their Republican co-conspirators who helped to utterly destroy the most prosperous middle class in all of human history.

The once world famous manufacturing legend known as America has been off-shored, downsized, outsourced and permanently eradicated, courtesy of Republicans and Democrats.  About the only jobs left are miserable low wage jobs. 

Who ate our good paying jobs and American manufacturing industries?  The regulatory state and the welfare-warfare state have destroyed the American middle class and American manufacturing.  Fedzilla is now a deadly monster that is consuming everything in its path.  Democrats just want a bigger and more carnivorous Fedzilla monster while the Republicans want to make love to Fedzilla in the hope that it doesn’t eat them.  

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