Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rick Perry’s Trotskyite Texas Two Step Record
Big government, High Taxes, Assaults on Property Rights, Parental Rights and Liberty

What small government and fiscal conservative advocate in their right mind would want to send this Democratic “former Al Gore 1988 TX Campaign Manager” turned Republican in an elephant suit to the White House? 

US Sovereignty:  American can’t solve any of our problems without our constitutional sovereignty.  Rick Perry is a bought and paid for globalist and Bilderberg attendee who supports the United Nations, globalism, NAFTA/CAFTA, the Trans Texas Corridor (dubbed Rick Perry $84 billion dollar boondoggle) and the wipeout of the American middle class.

Rick Perry is a Democrat in an Elephant Suit who adores Al Gore.  It was statist Bushbot Karl Rove who recruited Rick Perry to switch parties so Rick Perry could become the Republican Agricultural Commissioner in Texas.

Rick Perry is Anti-Property Rights and as governor vetoed a strong 2007 property protection, anti-eminent domain bill that would have made it illegal in Texas to seize private property for private gain.  Rick Perry totally endorses abusive government eminent domain powers.

Rick Perry is Anti-Parental Rights and seized/kidnapped 438 children and babies from their mothers at the FDLS El Dorado compound.  The Texas Supreme Court declared the raid and kidnapping unconstitutional and ordered the children released.  The children were healthy and had not been abused.  Rick Perry is a huge supporter of draconian Child Protective Services powers and believes that children are the property of the State of Texas. 

Rick Perry signed an Executive Order mandating that Texas schoolgirls be forcibly inoculated with the dangerous HPV Gardisil vaccine.  Perry’s then Chief of Staff Mike Toomey was a Merck lobbyist and Perry also received campaign contributions from Merck for his executive order.  The Texas Legislature had to pass a law overturning Perry’s EO. 

Rick Perry is anti free speech and 1st Amendment.  He signed into law a Texas hate crime statute that criminalizes free speech and free thought.  You can be criminally prosecuted in Texas for what you say or think. 

Rick Perry supports the federal and United Nations takeover of education and endorsed Ted Kennedy’s No Child Left Behind bill.  Perry has always been a huge supporter of the federal Department of Education and even implemented the collectivist United Nation’s Unesco education programs throughout Texas schools.

Rick Perry helped weaken the powers of the elected Texas State Board of Educating by gerrymandering elected conservatives out of office.  Rick Perry totally supports the Trotskyite collectivist takeover of the Texas education system.

Rick Perry supports Police State USA and endorsed sobriety checkpoints throughout Texas (Perry supported SB 298 in 2009).  Perry also supports the federal takeover of local law enforcement by endorsing the Federal government’s fusion centers that merge local police departments with the federal militarized police state. 

Rick Perry supported and signed the Business Margins Tax but sold lucrative exemptions to his big corporatist campaign contributors.  All businesses pay the tax except for Rick Perry’s pals.

Rick Perry is a solid corporatist fascist who has doled out billions of tax dollars to politically connected insiders and corporate campaign contributors.  Rick Perry’s tax dollar filled slush funds for his corporate welfare pals are infested with numerous scandals and his corporate welfare game is to issue bonds for billions, give the money to his friends and tax Texans to pay the bond debt.

Rick Perry has engineered public private partnerships (PPP) for Texas roads and highways.  A PPP is privatized profits at public expense.  Perry has allowed TXDOT to squander gas tax receipts and the TX Legislature typically raids our gas taxes of at least $10 billion per legislative session and spends the money on other things.  TXDOT screams “we are broke” and Perry supports giving lucrative toll road monopolies to foreign toll road operators who fill his campaign coffers.    Texas taxpayers are on the hook for bond payments as well as extraordinarily high monopolistic road tolls.  Rick Perry is desperate to give taxpayer paid infrastructure to private corporations while raping TX taxpayers for the bond debt. 

Rick Perry has infuriated civil libertarians by executing a possibly innocent man whose conviction was based on flawed evidence.  Cameron Todd Willingham was executed when Perry refused a stay of execution to evaluate the faulty evidence that so disturbed the Texas Forensic Science Commission that they ordered an investigation.  But Perry intervened and replaced 3 of the members with his pals who would rule that the evidence wasn’t faulty.  Executing a person is a very serious act and those facing execution shouldn’t be executed casually and without significant due process to prove guilt or innocence.  But quick draw Perry loves quick executions regardless of guilt or innocence. 

Rick Perry could be a walking Weiner-gate based on rumors of marital infidelity that have been flying around Texas for years.  Does the GOP really need a Weiner-gate in the middle of a presidential election? 


  1. I have always had my suspicions about Perry and this is very good info. I would like to know the sources from which you get your info before I spread the word. Can you send backup?

  2. Some additional links and background information on Gov. Gardasil here: