Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Debt is $13.5 Trillion, Republicans gave us $8,178 of it since 1980.

Those who long for the fiscally conservative days of Reagan and Republicans are delusional.   Republicans have piled on way more debt than the Dems. 

When Reagan was sworn in, the national debt had just hit the $1 trillion mark.  As of 9/16/10, the national debt is $13,465 trillion.
Additions to the national debt since 1980. 
Reagan 2 terms                $1.692 trillion                                     
Bush 41                                 1.587                                                  
Bush 43                                 4.899
Total                                     8.178  trillion                                                 
Clinton 2 terms                 $1.540 trillion
Obama, as if 9/16/10         2,838
Total                                      $4.378 trillion

Chart of National Debt as a percentage of GDP by president
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Quote:  Who Gave Us the National Debt?
"In 1981, the country had just elected Reagan to cure the "all-time-high, Trillion-Dollar debt." But compared with the size of the American economy, the debt was at its lowest point in fifty years (see graph). In eight years he pushed it from $1 to over $2.6 trillion. Or, did the Democrats do that? To find out, I checked the most pro-Reagan website, which lists Reagan's budgets and Congressional changes to the budgets. ..."

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