Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Palin Truth: Alaska's Welfare Queen and Redistributionist

 A Palin Truth: Alaska's Welfare Queen and Redistributionist

As the Palinistas attempt to crown Palin the latest Republican version of an American absolute monarch, let's examine some truth.

Palin claims to be a supporter of free markets and low taxes. But in 2007 she raised the taxes on Big Oil operating in Alaska because she wanted to transfer wealth from Big Oil to Alaskans who actually get a direct annual cash stipend ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 depending on how much money is in Alaska's Permanent Fund.

Palin did what Democratics do best - redistribute wealth and this message is ballot box gold. However, instead of calling Palin's act of oil wealth confiscation an act of socialism, Republicans praised Palin for cutting a better deal for Alaska. When the Dems do what Palin did, they get bombarded by Republicans with vicious and accursed accusations that scream "socialism" and "Marxism".

Palin's oil tax has backfired because exploratory drilling in Alaska has slowed with negatiive economic consequences. Moreover, Alaska now seeks to tweak its oil tax by handing out special tax benefits.

Quote: "Gov. Sean Parnell is asking the Legislature to change Alaska's oil tax laws so the companies won't have to pay as much in taxes if they spend money to drill. It's an incentive that could cost the state treasury hundreds of millions of dollars. Parnell said Thursday he doesn't want the tax rate lowered, but does want tax credits for investments. His announcement comes as the oil companies and many Republican state legislators maintain Alaska's oil taxes are too high and are driving away investment......

The Legislature raised oil taxes in 2007 at the prodding of then-Gov. Sarah Palin and created a new system to tax oil company profits that's known as Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share, or ACES. "


Not only is Palin ideologically much closer to "Queen Socialism" than she is to "Queen Capitalism", Alaska has always been America's top welfare state.

Quote: "Alaska receives nearly twice as much federal dollars than they contribute to federal income, making it one of the largest beneficiary states. They receive the highest per capita federal dollars and 3rd highest total fed dollars.

2. Alaska receives $13,950 per capital in federal dollars, the #1 state in the country in per capita fed spending dollars received.

3. Alaskans pay no state taxes."


Let's see, Alaskans pay no state taxes because its welfare clout is so powerful that it can extract all the money it wants from the U.S. taxpayers in DC! What a deal!! In Alaska, they must sit back and laugh at the lower 48.

Because of Katrina and the massive amount of reconstruction money being poured into the affected states, Alaska has slipped slightly from its number 1 ranking in welfare recipient payments.

While Palin goes around talking the phony baloney hype about how independent Alaskans are, in truth Alaskans are the most dependent folks in America.

Does America really want its premier Redistributionist Welfare Governor on the throne in DC?

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